WordPress makes their hosted websites more secure

WordPress has announced it will make all the websites hosted on their wordpress.com servers more secure by forcing the use of HTTPS rather than HTTP. When you are using HTTPS there is usually a little padlock in your web browser’s URL bar.  

So what is HTTPS? It is a way to encrypt data provided on the website or entered into it via a form, in a password field etc. The encryption keeps your information safe so that it does not fall into the hands of a hacker. 

Many sites hosted on wordpress.com – for instance, https://xxxxx.wordpress.com – have been able to take advantage of the HTTPS feature for some time; but now sites using a custom domain – one that you have purchased – can benefit from the feature.

This has a positive impact on my website which is hosted on the wordpress.com servers. If I enter http://wadiff-consulting.co.uk/about/ it now takes me to https://wadiff-consulting.co.uk/about/.

There is another bonus from this change; Google ranks websites using HTTPS higher than those that use HTTP.

Well done WordPress!