Zoom or Face To Face?

Before the word pandemic became part of everyone’s vocabulary networking was something you did face to face in a room with lots of other people. Two years ago that just stopped being possible and we all had to find other ways to network. Finding those other ways was critically important for so many small businesses as the contacts they made at events were where their new clients came from. Our first YBC online event was on March 23rd 2020 which was the day the first lockdown was announced.


Zoom was another word that rushed to prominence. Suddenly the unthinkable happened and many of us were meeting online and enjoying the advantages it brought like no travelling time. There were also no geographic limitations which meant that attendees at events were from all over the country as opposed to the confined catchment area that had previously happened. This worked well for lots of people but less so for area specific businesses.


Throughout those dark days of lockdowns Zoom was an uplifting distraction from the gloom and one YBC member even christened us as her lockdown family! New members joined us who we haven’t met to this day but we’ve become friends and have supported one another in a way nobody would have expected. Thankfully face to face meetings are now possible again but we aren’t giving up on Zoom and will be keeping our online meetings going alongside them. It just wouldn’t be fair to the nationwide audience we’ve attracted to abandon them.


Our Zoom meetings are every Tuesday and Friday morning. Tuesday’s event takes the form of an informal coffee morning which lasts for one hour and is free to attend. Friday’s meeting lasts for 2 hours and first time visitors can attend for free. YBC members who bring a visitor can also attend for free. If you’d like to attend on a Tuesday  you can book via our events page and, for Fridays, use the word ‘visitor’ in the coupon code box when checking out.


If face to face is your thing our next meeting is on Wednesday April 6th in Central London and that is listed as an event too. We appreciate that isn’t practical for some of you so please let us know if you’d like to host a meeting in your area by emailing info@yourbusinesscommunity.co.uk

Looking forward to seeing you soon.